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"The mission of KBLPR is to educate and to help prove life after death."
Welcome to : 

Kentucky Base Line Paranormal Research Team

​I would like to let you know alittle bit about us, we are based in central Kentucky (Mercer and Boyle County area). We have a branch in central Illinois .  Our mission at KBLPR is to help educate and prove life after death .  We pride ourselves in being professional, respecting you and your home/business. We come with an open mind, logic and understanding.  Our investigations allow us to gather evidence to evaluate to determine if there is or is not a haunting. KBLPR is committed to work with the property owner. All investigations are kept confidential unless other wise directed with permission. 

Kentucky Base Line Paranormal Research does NOT charge for our services. 

     We do not just come in to gather "evidence" for our web site and leave, should there be an issue and evidence of a haunting / paranormal activity we use our resources to help resolve the issue. You will find that we are very professional on our investigations and hold strong to our faith as a team and as individuals. We, as a team, personally do not use ouija boards and do not encourage the use of ouija boards.  We enjoy meeting other paranormal investigators & paranormal teams to share thoughts, opinions and ideas. We simply have a desire to learn, help and educate.
      We invite you to join us on our adventures into the paranormal. 
We thank you for stopping  by and  taking the time to look our web sight over. If you should have a  minute , sign our guest book! We really do enjoy meeting new people. We hope to see you return.
Reaching out to those reaching in to help those from here and beyond