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Welcome to our EVP page. We ask that should you have children in the room that the evp's be listened to through headphones. Please allow a few seconds for player to start. To ensure a better quality of your time please make sure to wear headphones and turn  up your volume if needed. Thank you for stopping by.

We, at KBLPR, take our research quite serious. We send our EVP's to be authenicated for good reason. We work very hard in evaluating our evidence , should there be any present. We have put to many years and hours into the evidence you are being presented with on this web site. It only takes ONE faking potential evidence to destroy our years of dedication to our research in the paranormal world. If ever that should be the case, the individual would nolonger be assocciated to our team, KBLPR. It is not tolerated.
So I introduce to you our EVP's from our investigations. Thank you for your time.  
"The mission of KBLPR is to educate and prove life after death"
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Can someone help me nowConversation onverriddenHow old are you "7""howdy""be quiet"
"can't hear her/ can't be her""just get her out of here""he's so kind""yeah""yes"
phone message 1phone message 2"straight to hell"Wavery 2008"help me" richmond ky
"I'm 12" richmond ky"Jeremy" richmond ky"NO" richmond kyhelp me richmond kynancy richmond ky
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Boyle Farm HouseOctober 2011 EVPS