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"The mission of KBLPR is to educate and prove life after death."
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Ghost Terminology:

Apparition:  these are believed to be spirits that are 
 earthbound. This is where a spirit will form to take shape, as to be seen as a human and can be seen with the human eye.

Crisis Apparition:This is believed to be an apperition of a loved one that appears to a person at the time they have passed.

 Ectoplasm: This is a type of mist, or fog, that appears to have movement in its  dept. This is also believed to be possibly a spirit  in motion caught on "film".

Entity: A conscious, interactive ghost.

Family Apparition:This is believed to be a ghost that haunts one particular family.When this ghost appears - it acts as an omen that someone in the family is going to die. 

Ghost:These are believed to be a soul of a past human that has passed but has not moved on/crossed over. The apperition of ghosts are not always just in human form - it can be an animal as well.

Orbs:We, the Kentucky Base Line Paranormal Research, believe that orbs are balls of energy that spirits use to travel. There is a difference between dust particles and what we call orbs. However, there are those that do believe that orbs are nothing but dust particles. It is also believed that if you capture an orb that shows in a box of your digital camera - that if you can keep taking photo's that you might also capture an apperition.

Poltergeist:These are believed to be what are known as "noisy" ghost. It is also believed that these are nonhuman - meaning negative/demonic.

Residual:This is a spirit that replays a moment in thier life. They are not aware of "you". It's like a part of a movie that is replayed over and over.

Shadow People:These appear just as it sounds, like a shadow. It is hard to catch them on a photo due to the fact that they do blend into dark surroundings. There are alot of people that believe that shadow people are "negative" energy.

Spirits:These are believed to be "past human". . .meaning humans that have passed on and come back to visit. It is hard to tell a spirit from a ghost due to the fact that both can manifest . However, sometimes they will find a way to let you know - it's what we call an "intelligent" haunting.

Vortex:This is believed that this is what is used for a spirit to travel in the form of an orb.

Types of Hauntings:

Residual : are thought to be like a video playback of a past event.  There is no life force left.  A ghost simply "plays" the same scene over and over.  Some individuals believe that if a person has performed a repetitious act for a long time, he or she will have left a psychic impression in that area.

Intelligent : There is actually an intelligence behind this phenomenon that can and does interact with the living.

Poltergeists: any manipulation of the physical environment such as the movement of objects, physical attack,spontaneous combustions, etc.

Demonic : They are "non-human" and a rare occurrence. There is a distinctive smell of sulferic acid. They do not like to be approached during an investigation. They have been known to shove, scratch and even throw people. They can appear in any form they wish. t.