Rules and Protocols For
Kentucky Base Line Paranormal Research Team Members

 01.  Always have respect for the research and potentials of what we do.

 02.  Never misrepresent Kentucky Base Line Paranormal Research

 03.  Always conduct your research in a professional, ethical, and structured manner.

 04.  Always have a release from signed by the proper authorities of property to conduct an  

 05.  Do not violoate ANY Federal,State , or Local Law.

 06. All guest for investigations are to be approved through KBLPR's lead members. All  
      members with approved guests are responsible for knowleding guest on rules and   

 07. Inappropiate conduct within KBLPR's Members will not be allowed.accepted and/or 
      tolerated. This behavior includes accusations of wrongdoing. defemation, 
      misleading,disrespect, and other unprofessional behavior. 

 08. Never rearrange,contaminate, or alter a site where phenomena took place.

 09. Avoid confrontations in public with clients and members.

 10. NEVER contradict a client about his/her experience.

 11. Do not bring cell phones, radios, and cd players to an investigation.

 12. No use of strong foul language while on an investigation.

 13. Avoid touching people's/ grabbing people's property or personal items.

 14. While on an investigation do NOT take property of any sort belonging to the client. Also 
      to include:paperwork, audio/video, equipment, ect.

 15. For safety, bring proper foot wear.

 16. Never be under the influence of a controlled substance before / during an investigation.

 17. Never do an investigation if alcohol is being consumed by our clients or clients are 
       under a controled substance.

 18. Avoid expressing your religious beliefs to a client.

 19. NO MEMBER other than assigned members are to contact past/present clients with 
      any information, disclose any discussion-no contacting a client for any reason. 

 20. In-house investigations will first have a "walk through" to examine the location before a 
       full investigation is to start.

 21. On In-House investigations, do not bring personal equipment for confidentialality 
       reasons. All equipment used will be through designated members only. 

 22. No member of KBLPR is to share any type of information from our investigations with 
       third parties of ANY source. 

 23. New Members are on probation for 3 investigations.

 24. No investigation will take place until assigned KBLPR Members first meet.

 Violation of any of these Rules and Protocols from Kentucky Base Line Paranormal Research Members WILL result in the termination of your membership.

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Investigation Procedures for Kentucky Base Line Paranormal Research 
Team Members (KBLPR)

 Our team and chapters of KBLPR are structured. All investigations are under leadership with direction for the team. Each chapter has their assigned leaders. (Noted at end of page)

 From Director, Assistant Director, Research Leaders and Equipment Specialists, two of  
 either will do a "walk through" before team starts investigation.

 Start with an opening prayer for all members attending investigations for KBLPR.

 Designated leaders will then direct equipment placement.

 Designated EVP investigators will be directed to go first attended with a member running 
 video and another to read an EMF detector, never ANY LESS than two members . (The  
 reason EVP  investigators to go first is  for as much as possible accurate  information 

 Then a directed team will go in with camera's . Because EVP's are still being ran,  
 "FLASH" needs to be stated before the click of your camera so when picked up on audio, 
 the sound is noted.

 Any drop of item-any noise/ sound an individual makes needs to be stated to be noted on 
 audio for research of audio later.

 Lack of conversation while investigating is best, again for audio and attention for the 
 investigation. One second does matter.

 When directed to be grouped out, one member of each group will have a KBLPR 
 Investigation Log to be kept and noted.

 When investigation is complete, all members of KBLPR will again meet to have a closing 

 All KBLPR Investigation Logs will then be turned in after the investigation.

 All audio/ video/ pictures will be turned in within a week.

 NO information about our research and identity of our investigation is to be discussed to 
 third party.

 All members are responsible for their guests.

NOTE: When doing an inhouse investigation - look for the obvious first (pipes, outside animals coming in, ect.) Keeps notes on EVERYTHING you find or encounter - The logs are to help us remember and gather data for researching an outcome.

Central Kentucky (founders)
Nancy - Founder / Director / Case Manager

Toby - Director / Case Manager


I,_______________________________________ have the authority to allow access to investigators from Kentucky Base Line Paranormal Research Team  to conduct research at
______________________________________ located in_________________________
in the state of_________________________.  Permission is being granted to Kentucky Base Line Paranormal Research Team to conduct research into the history of the location and into possible occurrences and sightings related to ghosts and the paranormal.  All parts of the investigation have been explained to the owners/trustees of the location and we have given full permission for this research to be conducted.

Kentucky Base Line Paranormal Research Team releases the owner of the location from any liability for injuries that occur during the investigation.  In addition, the investigators present assume responsibility for any damages to property that take place during the investigation.

The investigation team also assumes responsibility for proper releases of information from the property owners.  No information about the investigation will be released without signed copies of the current release forms.

                            Property Owner/Trustee

                  Investigation Team Leader/Organizer

Please have property owner intial below for permission of submition to KBLPR web sight

 ______________________ Permission to put location and evidence from  
                                        investigation on  KBLPR web sight. (history/location/evidence)

 ______________________ Permission to only put evidence from investigation on KBLPR 
                                         web sight. (evidence only-confidential)

 ______________________ No Permission to put location and evidence from investigation 
                                        on  KBLPR web sight. (confidential)

"The mission of KBLPR is to educate and prove life after death"
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