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We, at KBLPR ,believe in staying professional. All investigations were done with permission from the correct people in charge. NEVER invite yourself or your group to someone else's property. Makes for "bad business". It is hard enough in what we do without making a bad name for ourselves or yourself. Tempting as it may be to go somewhere with allegations of "haunting s" - only go if you have permission. Simple enough.
Please note that ALL of our investigations go under EXTREME evaluation before posting results, if any. Evaluating evidence may take us hours up into days. Most of our audio is recorded up to 30 hours to be evaluated, up to 1500 pictures to be evaluated and a couple hours of video to be evaluated. We all have jobs and we evaluate on our every free time after investigations. Our audio, if any results of EVP's, is sent off to be re-evaluated and classified. We take great pride in the results we bring to you, again, if any. So, thank you for your patience to await our results of our investigations.
Lincoln Square
Near Future
Iowa Ax Murder House

All Night
Near Future
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