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Welcome to our photo gallery. You are welcome to look but these photos belong to the individual members of Kentucky Base Line Paranormal Research . . .please do not copy.
This chart was obtained for use on our sight through written approval.The above chart was created by Ken Summers for the MOONSPENDERS site. Use of this chart or any versions previously created for this site without the express permission of the creator is prohibited.
We ,at KBLPR, are aware of the thoughts of "orbs" and respect those thoughts. There are a couple of our photo's that some might consider to have the exact potential of being debunked as dust particles, etc. There are other pictures posted that we feel strongly about as evidence of life after death and there are those that are-just interesting while some are to show our team in "action"  We are serious about the research we do and respect all teams within the same research. We hope you enjoy 
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